For all you fans of Interesting Today - I'm sorry to say that this will be the last edition, for now. Not sure if, or when, I will be back to it. Doing this has been a fun part of my day, but couple of other projects require my attention. The many hours that I spend on here would give me that much needed time for those projects. So enjoy this last one and who knows, I might be back! :)

kansas outlaws practice of evolution
they might as well, too many don't want to believe in it.
but seriously, don't know whether to be sad or glad to be in the onion :)

july 4th atheist pride with flying banners!
sure wish i didn't live in the middle of the country where there are none flying!!

westboro baptist church attending fbi training sessions, is now disinvited
they might have input? if it weren't for these types of groups you wouldn't need training sessions on how to deal with unruly crowds!

principal george kennedy lied about hypnosis, district finds
what in the hell? why is he hypnotizing his students?

very cool!

love can relieve physical pain
wish it could eliminate it all together

'he's the hope of all nations': rare white buffalo named
he's sooooo cute!

4 legged chicken born in jerusalem sparks debate over his kosher status
he was born the normal way, not grown in a lab... he's kosher.

new probiotics for your oral health

yard sign claims barack obama has fired more cruise missiles than any other nobel peace prize winner
well, duh! no other commander in chief has ever gotten it, but thanks for showing the irony

chinese male cheerleader brings it on!

world's first tickle spa opens in spain

barbershops double as informal clinics
this is what is coming to?

love the sinners to death....
get him, JT! as far as i'm concerned, rich sweir, head of the tea party is the fucking sinner!

wanna bet you got a few? don't we all!

well, good for the little guy!



this is where i want to be... right now, damn it!

oreo cameos, intricate hand carved portraits inside a cookie
art you can eat

5 monkeys - the evolution of fear and ignorance

what starts off as a nature video, quickly deteriorates into comedy. just brilliant! lmfao!

a logical explanation for the unknown = reality


break dancing gorilla WIN!!

some peculiar and strange deaths

oh the irony, it's killing me

i understand why they are doing it, but since when do turtles have epilepsy?

'am i not turtley enough for you? turtle, turtle, turtle' - only some of you will get the reference

imagine what that must feel like!

 thoughts from within - woody harrelson
i have a new-found respect for the man

in defense of the original pledge: an open letter to nbc
i'd like to see this make more news than the fundies crying sour grapes



logic... can't beat it

wind power without the blades
this is incredible!

richard tillman on real time w/ bill maher

the most powerful climate video you will see all week
science, it trumps ignorance once again

the perplexed observer - practice what you preach - ka-pow
served, but good!

the inception chair
art and practicality in one! brilliant!

door to door atheists bother mormons
they obviously like it as well as we do - ha, ha! turnaround is fair play!

michele bachmann says john quincy adams was one of our founding fathers
among other things that she gets consistently wrong

could shakespeares' bones tell us if he smoked pot?
i wouldn't be surprised

police dogs die in baking-hot car; police officer reportedly attempts suicide
poor man, he must obviously have loved those dogs

religious animal slaughter ban passes in the netherlands
the fact that they even had to have a ban is incredible to me

indians pay surgeons to turn girls into boys
this is beyond disgusting

20 amazing look-alikes
wow! they definitely look like they were separated at birth!

'aliens have two legs and two arms' - russian scientist
love when people make definitive comments with no proof

drugs plot raid reveals old woman feeding rabbits with cannabis
"the rabbits really like it!" of course they do!!



only problem, it doesn't look like a shark

vampire front to protect inhuman rights
we haven't even granted or upheld all the 'human' rights yet... wait your turn!!

german cannibal killer sentenced to life
he needs to make himself available for lab tests, this is so weird

hahahahahahahahaha! because it's better for you than cow's milk! :)

my question would be - how does he not get turned on by doing this?

air conditioning for troops costs more than NASA
$20 BILLION?!?!?!? and you people wonder why we have a deficit here!

twiggy bird nest suite is one of 5 rooms at the swedish tree hotel
birds of a feather flock together

george carlin - there's a reason
as sad as it is that he's not on this earth anymore speaking the truth, i'm glad that he doesn't have to endure this stupid country

egyptian lawmakers: ban chinese hymen fake hymen
well, i have to give credit for the creativity in solving an ancient problem

national atheist party - state chapters
we need more state representatives!

stand with bernie sanders!!

joy with jello
it's just jiggly :)

19 awesomely terrible commercials
it speaks for itself

5 tips for a stronger orgasm
pay attention people, we're trying to spread the joy here!

australian soccer player ejected for genital piercing
the rules are the rules



weak heart i guess, so sad

same-sex marriages and christianity
i think you may be right, michael!

us evangelist jason hooper claims he's on a mission from god
... to destroy public property and be a disorderly drunk and he's also working for this fine institution, His Call Ministries in Charlotte, NC - people of nc who believe in this crap - WAKE UP! he's just a man with issues taking your hard-earned money

the hoffsicle - you too, can now lick david hasselhoff! :)

window smudges could be bigfoot's, says paranormal group
yeah and it could also just be a damn bear!

created by my friend, helen sotiriadis

rick perry... murderer?
now wouldn't that be a scandal!

the best way to stop your child from being an atheist